IVMA Offers Equine Ultrasound Lecture and Wet Lab

IVMA Offers Equine Ultrasound Lecture and Wet Lab

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Equine Hind Suspensory Ligament and Stifle Ultrasound Lecture and Wet Lab

presented by Dr. Diane Isbell

Dr. Diane Isbell graduated from the UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine in 1987. Having grown up with an equine background, it was natural for her to gravitate towards practicing equine medicine. While attending UC Davis, Dr. Isbell was introduced to the early ultrasound imaging by her professor, Dr. Carol Gillis, DVM PhD who founded the ultrasound department at UC Davis.

Date: Saturday, June 16, 2018

Time: 8 AM – 5:15 PM

Location: Lecture at the Lewis-Clark State College Williams Conference Center. Lab held at Rustebakke Veterinary Services in Clarkston, WA.

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Lecture Outline:

  • Diagnostic Exam tips and tricks to save time and improve safety while examining the hind limb.
  • Patient Preparation and Ultrasound Settings
  • 90+% Successful Conservative Rehabilitation Protocol using Sequential Cross-Sectional Area Measurements and Fiber Pattern assessment to determine:

o   Therapeutic Techniques

o   Exercise Protocols

o   Nutritional Support

  • Additional tops specific to the:

o   Hind Suspensory Ligament:

• Anatomy

• Standard and Angle Contrast Views

• How to differentiate between muscle, fat, artifact and lesions.

o   Stifle:

• Anatomy

• Common non-stifle causes of intermittent upward fixation of the patella how to identify and address those issues.

• OCD Identification

Wet Lab:

  • Demonstration of ultrasound techniques used to quickly assess the suspensory and stifle for injury during the clinical exam.
  • Hands on scanning to develop the skills for successful diagnostic exams of the hind suspensory ligament and stifle.
  • Reference images and tips will be available at each station on tablets
  • Each attendee will receive:

o   A hand out with the structures to identify

o   A jump drive with the power points and reference images.

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