COVID-19 Testing for Dogs

COVID-19 Testing for Dogs

Testing the dog: Oregon State University is testing domestic animals for FREE.  

To obtain testing approval, the following criteria must be met:

1.Test approval requires that the animal be from a home with a human case of COVID-19 and the animal must present with respiratory or gastrointestinal signs.

2.  Must have Idaho Public Health Veterinarian, Dr. Leslie Tengelsen’s, approval first. Contact Dr. Tengelsen,

3. Once the decision is made to test, the veterinarian should collect samples with proper PPE (eye protection, mask, gown, and gloves in a closed room).

Proper samples:

  • Use only Dacron or polyester swabs to collect a deep oral or nasal sample.
  • Place swabs in a sterile tube with ¼ cc of saline (no gel or anticoagulant).
  • Close the tube and refrigerate. Ship overnight on ice packs (M-Th only). Do not ship on Friday.
  • A fecal sample may be included if available. Must be placed in a sealed leak proof container.
  • Complete the OSU OVDL general submission form:ATTACHED

Requests should contain the following information:

  • Animal owner’s name, address, email address, and phone number
  • Animal’s name, species, age, sex
  • Animal’s location if different from the owner’s address
  • Veterinarian’s reason for testing the animal(s)
  • Findings of physical, radiographic, or sonographic examinations and complete patient history