COVID-19 vaccine updates

COVID-19 vaccine updates

Information is current as of February 22, 2021 – In October 2020, the IVMA sent a formal request asking the Idaho COVID-19 Vaccine Advisory Committee (CVAC) to designate veterinarians and veterinary teams as high priority recipients. Since then, we’ve actively monitored the meetings waiting for confirmation of the subgroups within each category.

At this time, Veterinarians, veterinary nurses, veterinary technicians serving service animals, search and rescue dogs, support animals, pets; animal agriculture workers employed in veterinary health are included in priority group 2.7. This group encompasses essential workers that cannot telecommute. Though we do not expect any changes, the CVAC will meet again on January 22, 2021 to discuss and confirm the subgroups in priority group 2.7.

The estimated timeline for when Idahoans can get a COVID-19 vaccine was published December 30, showing essential workers that cannot telecommute may begin receiving the vaccine in February. The current situation shows that the general public will have to wait until April or May to receive the vaccine.

The Idaho Department of Health & Welfare published answers to commonly asked questions about the distribution and administration of the vaccine –

Questions regarding vaccine distribution can be emailed to: or submit comments to the CVAC at