Survey – UC Davis – Using Video Telemedicine for Cats

Survey – UC Davis – Using Video Telemedicine for Cats


Using Video Telemedicine to Provide Cat Health and Behavior Care

Introduction and Purpose
You are invited to join a research survey conducted by Dr. Carly Moody (Assistant Professor, Dept of Animal Science, UC Davis) and Liam Newquist (senior undergraduate student, UC Davis).

The purpose of this study is to investigate the attitudes of currently practicing US veterinarians (DVM), behaviorists (CAAB, ACAAB, Other), board-certified veterinary behaviorists (DVM DACVB), and residency-trained clinical veterinarian behaviorists (DVM) about using video telemedicine for providing cat health and behavior care. Video telemedicine is a method of remotely delivering information or education about the health of pets using video technology. Little research has examined how this technology may be implemented to help support, maintain, and increase access to health and behavior care for cats, from the perspectives of the health care providers.

Benefit to Participant
Although there is no direct benefit to the individual participating in the study, the cat health and behavior care communities may benefit from this research. The research results will highlight the interest, benefits, and challenges of using video telemedicine, as well future areas where research is needed.

Participation and Withdrawal

Participation in this research is completely voluntary. Participants must be over 18 years of age and currently provide health and/or behavior care for companion cats in the US. This is a 3 part survey, consisting of 18 questions. You will be asked questions about demographics, your interest and experience with using video telemedicine, and practical implementation of this technology for various cat health and behavior issues. It is anticipated that this survey will take approximately 10-15 minutes to complete.
You are free to decline to take part in this survey and you may withdrawal at any time without consequence. However, please be aware that once your responses have been submitted, it will not be possible to remove them from the data set since they are not associated with your identity.
Please contact Dr. Carly Moody at with any concerns or questions you may have about participation or withdrawal from this survey.