Dental CE announcement and a few other new things 2022-11-18

Dental CE announcement and a few other new things 2022-11-18

Hello All. Here is my first blog post as your new Executive Director. I plan to use these posts if something important comes up between newsletters.

  • Montana Pet Dentistry and Oral Surgery CE  — December 15th & December 16th, 2022

Montana Pet Dentistry and Oral Surgery is pleased to announce dental training classes in our new Bozeman facility. We designed a spacious and comfortable area with these classes in mind. Initially, we will be offering the two classes detailed below, with additional classes to follow in the future. All classes are RACE approved for 8 hours of CE credit and class sizes are limited to ensure excellent instructor-to-student ratios.

Many (if not most) practices send 70% or more of treatable dental pathology out the door without being addressed. Even in rural areas, owners are very accepting of a higher level of dental care for their pets when the pathology is identified and communicated appropriately. In two days, we can show you how to identify and deliver 90% of the dental treatment your patients should receive. The idea that “your clientele” won’t accept and pay for a higher level of dental care is simply not true regardless of your location. Where dentistry is concerned, practices are held back more by their own beliefs than by their clients. We can help you provide better dental care to your patients.

  1. Introduction to Veterinary Dentistry and Radiology (Level 1):  Four hours lecture and four hours lab. 12/15/2022

Please see link for more information:

  1. Introduction to Veterinary Oral Surgery and Periodontal (DOCTORS ONLY) (Level 2):  Four hours lecture and four hours lab.12/16/2022

Please see link for more information:

For further information and class dates please call 406-599-4789.


  • We have changed the name of the Idaho Veterinary Symposium to the Idaho Veterinary Medical Foundation (waiting on final change at IRS). More information about this will be included in your membership renewal letter. But with the holiday season coming, and many of us using Amazon for gift buying, you can now support the new IVMF.
    • Your mission if you choose to accept it is to make the IVMF your chosen charity on where a portion of all your purchases will become a donation to the foundation. You can do this 1 of 2 ways:
      • Use this link –
      • Change your assigned charity and search for either 82-0394111 or Idaho Veterinary


  • We now have established the permanent email address for the Executive Director (, and you will be able to reach the current president or treasurer through and

If you have any questions or concerns about the IVMA, please reach out to me at or (208) 995-4914.