Can technicians attend veterinarian lectures? Yes, technicians are welcome to attend veterinarian lectures. In particular, on Saturday, technicians can choose to stay in the Small Animal Fear Free lecture or attend Large Animal technician sessions.

How late can I register? Veterinarians and technicians can register on-site the morning of the meeting. Registration opens at 7:15 am at the Canyon Crest Event Center. You can download and bring this completed form to expedite the process: https://d1g466gpvi3o9f.cloudfront.net/app/uploads/20190329172727/2019-IVMA-Registration-Form.pdf


Exhibitor FAQ

Are booths still available? If registration is open, there are still booths available. Registration will close when they are all reserved.

How many attendees are there? Typically, there are ~100-110 veterinarians and ~ 20 technicians.

How are the booths assigned? Booths are unassigned. Exhibitors can setup on any open table when they arrive for setup. If you have a preference, we encourage you to arrive when setup opens – Thursday, June 6th at 2:00 pm. All booths should be setup before the 5:00 pm Opening Reception.

Do I need to bring carpet? No, the exhibit area is carpeted.