Is there an option to attend the conference in Sun Valley?

Unfortunately, no. There will not be an in-person or hybrid option due to venue limitations, speaker travel constraints, etc. The conference will be 100% virtual.


How do I access the sessions?

On Tuesday, June 8, you will receive an email with a link to the conference website.  The website will have “rooms” for you to join, that correspond with the tracks, i.e. practice management, small animal, large animal, veterinary technician. Once you join that room, you can stay there for all the sessions, or you can leave and join another track.


If I watch the recording, can I still earn CE credits?

Yes. The Idaho Board of Veterinary Medicine has approved all sessions in this conference for CE credits to renew your license. The recordings will be available to watch through September 1st.


How will I get my CE certificate?

The CE certificate will be available to download and/or print on the conference website.


Are the presentations live?

No. The presentation itself will be pre-recorded by the speaker, then streamed lived during its scheduled time. This format ensures attendees can watch the sessions, without the fear of a technology glitch canceling a session.


Can I ask the speaker questions?

Yes! Each speaker will be available during their presentation to answer questions via chat.


How will the Externship Fair work?

Though we won’t be able to meet in-person, we’re excited to facilitate networking with a virtual student externship fair!
To participate (please complete before Friday, May 21st):
1. Email a brochure/flyer/document with information about your clinic and the externship opportunity. Other information to include: contact information, website, pictures, etc. The document can be sent in Word or PDF format to the IVMA.
How it will work:
1. Students will receive an email with the clinic brochures the week of May 24th.
2. On June 8th, the veterinarian registered for the conference will receive an email with access to the live streaming conference website.
3. On June 12th, join the networking room labeled “Externship Fair” at your scheduled time. It will be similar to a Zoom meeting. The registered participant and/or a clinic representative can host your meeting. Start with introductions and then share more information about the externship. This will be a verbal presentation only, as screen sharing will not be available. Trade contact information and make plans for any follow up with the student(s)! Note: Each session will be hosted by the clinic, as there will not be an official moderator in the room.