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Continuing Education for the 2020 renewal season:

The Idaho Board of Veterinary Medicine made a temporary rule change to the CE credit requirements.  For the renewal season of 2020, the number of credits required are cut in HALF, and ALL of them can be taken online. The temporary rule will be in place until the end of the legislative session in 2021. Please use email for all of your questions and communications,

This means that to renew in May and June of 2020:
Veterinarians will only need 10 credits.
CVT’s will only need 7 credits.

IVMA Disclaimer of Endorsement: The following list of online continuing education (CE) opportunities for veterinarians and veterinary technicians was submitted to the IVMA by allied company representatives. Any reference or information obtained from this list to a specific producer, product, process, or service does not constitute or imply an endorsement by the IVMA of the product, process, service, or its producer or provider.

Companion Animal


Hill’s Pet Nutrition

Update on the role of companion animals in the COVID-19 pandemic

Over 50+ hours of content for Veterinarians,
Technicians and all Veterinary staff

RACE CE available
Clinically relevant medical topics
Veterinary technician specific webinars
Soft skills and wellness topics available


Clinically relevant medical topics for Small Animal

VETgirl sponsored by Zoetis

Clinically relevant medical topics for Small Animal

Food Animal



May 5th Understanding the Latest Information on the Immune Response in Cattle – Click Here to Register

May 6th Implant Strategies for Proven Profit ProtectionPresenter – Click Here to Register

May 7th Impact of Vaccination with an Inactivated or Modified Live Viral Vaccine on Reproduction – Click Here to Register

May 12th Taking Advantage of Immunology to Achieve the Desired Vaccine Response – Click Here to Register


Clinically relevant medical topics for Ag Animals

Merck Animal Health

Immunity Associated with Bovine
Respiratory Viruses after Intranasal
Vaccine Administration



sponsored by Merck Animal Health

May 3, 2020: New Insights to Help Address Practical Challenges Associated with Equine Protozoal Myeloencephalitis (EPM)


Clinically relevant medical topics for Equine

Practice Management, Wellness, Leadership, etc.



Career Development
One Health
Policy and Practice
Wellbeing, Diversity, and Inclusion


Veterinary Medical Records
Pain Management Certificate

Omni Practice Group

Leadership through Crisis
Sellers Seminar


Hill’s Pet Nutrition

The Cost of Caring: Compassion Fatigue and Veterinary Technicians


Clinically relevant medical topics for Technicians and Staff

VETgirl sponsored by Zoetis

Technicians as Chronic Pain Heroes