The IVMA is a professional association filled with veterinarians who have an active interest in the betterment of their profession. Comprised of four regional chapters, continuing education and social functions bring Idaho veterinarians together across this large state. Check our site often to keep abreast of issues and events in the state and the Northwest.


To support and represent veterinarians as they serve the citizens of Idaho.


“Serving Idaho Veterinarians”

Core Principals

1. To encourage all Idaho veterinarians to become IVMA members by fostering an appreciation for organized veterinary medicine.
2. To be a respected source of pertinent information for IVMA members and the public.
3. To support veterinarians in their endeavors to:
-promote the health and wellbeing of pets, livestock, and wildlife
-promote sustainability and profitability
-promote bio-security of animal agriculture
-promote public safety
-access education
-engage in leadership activities


The future promises to be challenging for the IVMA. Its members face growing competition, more regulation, higher public expectations, intense environmental debates, and evolving relationships between urban/rural and corporate/small practices. Members foresee the prospect of greater economic burden, declining practice values, disparity between generations of practitioners, increasing gaps between new graduate knowledge and skills, and fewer supplier choices as major corporations consolidate.

Recognizing social, economic, and professional changes are impacting all professions, the IVMA will be more proactive in fostering practice development, seeking new membership, offering expanded continuing professional education opportunities, generating a stronger public image, and becoming more deeply involved with public education.

The IVMA foresees a more spirited role for both the association and its members, and will become a more visible and potent political and social leader as the decade draws to a close.


The IVMA is a progressive, professional organization known for innovative leadership, social responsibility, and a deep commitment to excellence. It is responsive, courageous, and service-oriented, with both practical and realistic views of a challenging future. Above all, the IVMA’s rich history reflects the personal values, generosity, and legacy of compassion that characterizes its members and their profession.

Operating Values

As a socially responsible association, the IVMA fosters and facilitates leadership in veterinary professionalism by providing excellence in continuing education and in making valued contributions to both the profession and society. The IVMA is responsive, innovative, progressive, ethical, dedicated to society and veterinary medicine.